(APK Download) Google Camera v3.2.040 from the NPC91K Android N Developer Preview

Jesse Han   2016.04.15 11:14   Jesse Han  

If you are an Android developer, you should know that Google has released the factory images file for the latest Android N Developer Preview 2 yesterday:

And now, there is a new Google Camera app from Android N Developer Preview 2.

The version number of new Google Camera is v3.2.040, it includes a few new features:

  • Take photo while shooting video
  • New shutter button
  • Separated slow motion
  • New icon for front and rear camera swap

Do you like use your Android phone to take photos? Why don’t you try this new Google Camera application, APK package is ready for you.

APKs Download Directly

Unzip the ZIP file you downloaded normally, and install GoogleCamera_3.2.040.apk just like before. Oh, and please kindly note that you may need an Android 6.0 Marshmallow device.