(APK Download) Easily install updated Pixel launcher to other devices

Jesse Han   2018.01.29 7:11   Jesse Han  

Actually, the Pixel launcher which exclusively used to Google Pixel devices has been ported to other devices last year.

And now, the developer has brings substantial update, and it has several new features that were added exclusively for the Google Pixel 2. And also, the design is completely refreshed.

The developer has also added a special feature.  On this now you can open or close your notifications by swiping down or up anywhere of the screen.

The Pixel launcher has been adjusted, then, you know, it officially only works on Google’s pixel phones. Then the third-party developer decided to combine the code with Pixel launcher. The developer replaces home screen with another that stays close to stock Android, and make the style and functions of Pixel suitable for other Android devices.

The developer has shared the APK file of modified Pixel launcher, you can download it with the link below and easily install it to your own Android phone.

Pixel Launcher Download Directly

  • Launcher3-aosp-debug.apk

Although Google Pixel devices are usually devices that firstly get a new version of Android, they don’t run on stock Android version. The Pixel devices offers the Pixel launcher exclusively, it has a customized home screen, special shortcut for your app overview and more. The traditional Google search bar at the top of the screen has been replaced by a shaped icon, if you press on it, the full bar appears on the screen.

So, do you like the Pixel launcher?