(APK Download) Android Wear v1.5 brings supports for Doze Mode

Jesse Han   2016.03.24 2:47   Jesse Han  

Have you a smart watch powered by Android Wear? Well, Android Wear companion application is a must-have tool for you. So here’s a good piece of news.

Google has starting to release a new update to Android Wear companion application, which brings new version number 1.5 for application. The v1.5 update brings supports for new power saving function called Doze Mode.

Use Android Wear Application For Doze Mode

  • Update Android Wear companion application to new version 1.5, you can get single APK file form the below APKs Download area
  • Open Android Wear companion application
  • You will find a prompt window called STAY CONNECTED on the main screen
  • You will get a new user interface called Stay connected
  • Tap CONTINUE in the lower right corner of the screen
  • You will see a confirmation window called Ignore battery optimizations?
  • Tap YES to confirm it

APKs Download Directly

Unzip the ZIP file you downloaded, you will get single APK file called android.wearable.app_1.5.0.2690526.apk, t hen you can easily install it to your Android device like a normal APK application.