Android Wear will may be renamed to Wear OS

Jesse Han   2018.03.14 7:58   Jesse Han  

Although Android Wear devices haven’t sold well, the Mountain View still works on this wearable platform.

According to the note from REDDIT user H3x0n, Android Wear will be renamed to Wear OS in the near future. About this, he received a notification in which Wear OS was mentioned during the activation of a new smart watch

In addition to the new name, the notification also shows a new logo, consisting of two lines and two dots. You know, the current logo shows a watch strap. It looks like the logo of Google Assistant, on this Google may wants to make the voice assistant more important in the future.

Google has not yet responded to this. Whether Android Wear will get a new name with a new logo? We should can get a more information from Google I/O 2018 later this spring. With Google I/O, you know, the tech giant usually unveils its software plans. In other words, you can also get more details about the new Android P version which the first developer preview released to the developers just a week ago.

So why Google wants to change the name of Android Wear? That is probably because Google hopes to get a larger audience. The current name suggests that the system only works with Android phones, and actually, Android Wear devices can also be connected to an iPhone. By removing Android from the name, the company will creates less confusion.

Any way, Google hopes to bring its wearable platform to the market, the company has to take big