(Factory and OTA Images Download) Google has brought the first developer preview of Android P

Jesse Han   2018.03.07 23:37   Jesse Han  

On all Android users, today is a great day. Why? The Mountain View giant has released the first version of Android P. So you know, for now, the Android 9.0 version has started in the form of developer preview.

This is therefore the first version of Android P. As a developer version, the new Android version is not yet suitable for all Android consumers.

There is no doubt that Android P has lots of new improvements. Let’s take a look at what a taste of the news will bring.

About Android P
  • Support for notch. Thanks to the notch, it will be easier for developers to optimize their applications. For example, developers can therefore choose not to display content on the notch’s space
  • Fresh appearance. The appearance is adjusted in some places. For example, the notification menu now shows the last sentence from a conversation, so that you can be quickly informed about the subject again
  • Support for HDR VP9 profile 2. This gives you HDR content from YouTube and other applications
  • Smarter permission controller. Background applications will not have access to microphone, camera or other sensors
  • Support for client-side encryption of backups. The PIN or other unlocking methods will be necessary to restore the date
  • Multi-camera API. Developers can therefore access the stream from two or more cameras simultaneously and manipulate accordingly

Google has provided the first developer preview of Android P in the form of factory image and OTA image for all Google Pixel smartphones. If you are one of them who own a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, then you can download the related factory image or OTA file and install it manually.Android.P.first.logo

Factory Images Download Directly

OTAs Download Directly

Manually update Google devices
Thanks Google