Android Go coming for emerging markets

Jesse Han   2017.12.08 6:53   Jesse Han  

As we all know, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Despite Google get very large market shares, the giant hopes to grown much more in the coming years. That is why the company focuses heavily on emerging markets like India where smartphones are still too expensive for many people. The Mountain View giant hopes to conquer these countries by making Android suitable for cheap hardware. So, you know, Android Go is coming.

Android Go, a special version of Android, which was announced Google I/O 2017 held in early this year. It is a thorough review of Android, where not only the system but also included apps are addressed. Just recently, come along with the release of Android 8.1 Oreo, Google has released the first definitive version of Android Go. The special Android version is based on Android Oreo. That means that many manufacturers will be able to release new smart devices with Android Go form now on.

Every year, Google brought new Android version. They make the system better, but that also ensures that more powerful hardware is required. And because Android has to work with all sorts of hardware, a lot of storage space is also required to be compatible with all possible components.

Now with Android Go, Google has implemented numerous optimizations for less powerful hardware. Take storage space as a sample, the phone with only 8GB storage space now have almost 5GB free in Android Go. Also, the data saver feature is standard in all possible apps, this ensures that apps do not consume data in the background.

About apps, if you open Google Play store in an Android Go device, a selection of optimized apps is immediately listed, such as Facebook Lite and other adapted versions of apps. However, you are not limited to this selection of apps, you can download any app listed in Google’s digital store. Of course, you should know that more intensive apps are probably less flexible on most Android Go devices.

For Google apps, you probably don’t need to worry them, the giant has developed optimized versions for almost all apps, such as Files Go, YouTube Go and something else. Although these optimized apps miss some features sometimes, they offer the most important functions.

According to the Mountain View, Android Go is available globally for all manufacturers. So many Android Go devices are coming soon.