Android 8.1 provides a convenient feature for restoring data

Jesse Han   2017.11.02 5:00   Jesse Han  

Android 8.1 is not a big update, but it is obviously the first major Android Oreo update.

According to the some users, the new Android version introduces a convenient feature for restoring backups. In some situations, this is a very useful feature. Especially for users who frequently switch devices, or reset device to factory state.

Take an example, you have saved your data like your device settings, call history, apps, and SMS messages. When you restore and set up your Android phone, because you want to use the device as quickly as possible, you can skip the steps, and then, you know, that means that it is no longer possible to restore the previous backups. And this is possible later in Android 8.1 Oreo.

In Android 8.1, a notification titled Finish setting up appears in the Settings app, which allows you to complete the setup process. This is a convenient function, because we do not have to reset device again to start the setup process.Android.8.1.finish.setting.up