Android 8.1 Oreo let you know which open WiFi is more fast

Jesse Han   2017.12.11 13:58   Jesse Han  

In order to determine which open Wi-Fi network is best to connect to internet, Google will tell you some useful information about Wi-Fi network speeds in Android 8.1 Oreo.

There are the four labels, they are Slow, OK, Fast and Very Fast. They will be implemented next to the name of some open networks.WiFi.Speed.Lables

The speeds information

  • Slow (0-1 Mbps): with this speed, we can make voice calls and process messages 
  • OK (1 Mbps-5 Mbps): we can browse webpage, use social media and listen to streaming music 
  • Fast (5 Mbps-20 Mbps): we can view streaming video, make video calls
  • Very Fast (20 Mbps+): we can view streaming video in high quality

As you see, it has been made known what speed to expect and what activities can be performed.

The new feature is only for open Wi-Fi network. And also, it is currently only available to a few. So are you lucky one of the few who have seen this function activated?

If you don’t like this function, you can disable it by going to Settings, Network & Internet, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Preferences, Advanced, Network rating provider, None.